【MHRise Demo】Overview: Hunting Horn Changes, New moves & Silkbind Attacks

【MHRise Demo】Overview: Hunting Horn Changes, New moves & Silkbind Attacks
Today we take a look at the Hunting Horn in the Rise Demo. I’ll be breaking down the changes, new additions while also giving tips & tricks. The Hunting Horn feels like a different weapon and in order to understand it, we need to approach it differently!

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The HH icons used in this video were made by my friend Taxman, from MH PH Elites. You can check them out here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCkGUoBm-0TvvoMpkAZ8oVhA

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🎶🎶The music used for this video🎶🎶
Artlist: The people by Kyle Preston
Outro: Shin Megami Tensei 4 Apocalypse: Tokyo theme

Timestamps :
– Intro: 00:00
– Draw Into Any Note: 00:55
– Song System: 02:07
– Old Moves: 03:06
– Attack Categories: 03:51
– Stab & Slam: 04:27
– Crush: 04:49
– The Kick: 05:22
– Double Swing: 06:20
– Double Swing Tech: 07:14
– MagTrio: 08:09
– Slide Beat: 08:47
– Earthshaker: 09:46
– Infernal Melody: 10:42
– Song of Raging Flame: 11:27
– Self Improvement Recital: 11:57
– Outro: 12:47