[MHW:I]アイスボーン狩猟笛のコンボ紹介! – Iceborne Hunting Horn damage combo examples and guide

[MHW:I]アイスボーン狩猟笛のコンボ紹介! – Iceborne Hunting Horn damage combo examples and guide


(2019/10/01 added)

Thanks for Translation!!! (by LinG)
This is a guide for Hunting horn combo for MHW: Iceborne.
These might not be the strongest combo as the meta will shift.
However, these combos are certainly stronger than those in the Hunter notebook/Training area.

If you consider total, combos with Impact echo wave are better than Echo attack loop combo.
Also, Impact echo wave has high KO and Exhaust value…

Echo attacks might look cool and strong, the DPS is not the best.
Although, there are some special cases during knock down that if you do 3 or more Echo attacks in a row, you should keep doing it!
If you want to know the detail maths about this, please leave a comment.
0:00 Nargacuga has 2 types of konck downs.
“Flinch shot” from clutch claw (~13 seconds)
“KO” (~8 seconds)
Here are the combo guide when the monster is down.
0:16 “Flinch shot”
0:19 “Flinch shot” down combo1:Echo attack loop.
Echo attack 3 times, used when no Impact echo wave is in stock.
0:42 “Flinch shot” down combo2:Neutral Recital – 3*Impact echo wave – Forward encore – Impact echo wave
This has the most damage even with end game gears.
0:52 I will explain, in the end of video, how to hit every Impact echo waves in this combo.
1:04 “Flinch shot” down combo3: Forward swing – Forward Recital – 2*Impact echo wave – Forward encore – Impact echo wave1:27 “KO” combo (enraged)
1:30 KO down combo1: Stomp – Echo attack – right swing – Echo attack
During KO, it is almost impossible to use Echo attack 3 times.
1:45 KO down combo2: Neutral recital – 3Impact echo wave – left encore – Impact echo wave
Little to no time to adjust position.
If in doubt, you should only do 2Impact echo wave.
2:01 KO down combo3: Neutral recital – 2*Impact echo wave – forward encore – Impact echo wave
The easiest combo to do for KO down when enraged. It has decent damage.
2:18 Although, there are many other combos,
any combos with at least 2 [impact echo waves] are good damage, even with current meta gears!
2:26 Combos with Echo attack is stronger now because affinity/crit boost/sharpness are high.
If you have these skills, you can use more of these combos!
2:38 Bonus: Tricks for 3*Impact echo wave
2:43 If you don’t move the L3 Stick, you might miss the target.
2:51 If you move the L3 stick in certain direction, your hunter will move right foot – and then left foot.
When right foot is out, your hunting horn will move closer to hunter’s right hand side.
Utilize this to ensure hitting all impact echo waves!
3:05 moving the L3 stick right before the effect of ‘impact echo waves’, and release the L3 stick after ‘impact echo waves’.
and do this 3 times.
3:18 For recital, you may or may not need to move…
3:23 Practise on the pole of Training Area!
It is a technique that help you to hit all the recital and encore.
3:36 Thank for watching!