MHRise | 4 Long Swords are Broken

MHRise | 4 Long Swords are Broken
Long Sword’s spirit slashes (spirit blade I, II, III, foresight slash, special sheath, iai slash, iai spirit slash, foresight slash, soaring kick, helm breaker , spirit jumping slash, spirit round slash) give flinch free while performing them, so as long as you keep spamming them, you can’t be flinched. Of course if you stop attacking for a frame, in that frame you can be flinched, that’s why it is important to keep pressing the buttons at fast speed.
BTW Peppo also reduced the particle effects and disabled character voices in the options and there are no crits in this demo and STILL chaos.

✦ 4 Italian LS speedrunners ✦
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