【MHRise】マガイマガド チャージアックス 6分台とりてぇぇ編 世界大会

【MHRise】マガイマガド  チャージアックス 6分台とりてぇぇ編  世界大会

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Party Rules:
1. Everyone cannot use Wyvern Riding, Traps, Bombs, and Hunting Helpers.

2.Temp Buffers and Permabuffers are allowed.

3.Once you complete the quest with us, next round please take a break.

4.If you’ve fainted in the quest or failed to complete the quest, then you will take a punishment: You cannot join the quest in the next 25 mins.

4pt charge blade:
1. Same as above.

2. I will measure the time without permission.

3. We will compete for the time here, so if you are interested in CB, such as “This work will be CB Main” , “I Confidence CB”and “I know how to operate Chaak”, we would like you to participate!

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